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innovative aesthetic solutions inspired by nature

Nine is an aesthetic facility for men and women created with a passion for natural health, wellness and of course the technology behind anti-ageing of the skin and body.

At nine aesthetics, we specialise in anti-ageing for your skin, body and mind, our holistic approach to anti-ageing, increases the chances of optimal results and long-term benefits. We realise that life isn’t easy, but we are here to guide, advise, and make use of the latest technology to help fast track your results.

meet our partners in anti-ageing

Esse Nine Aesthetics

Award winning probiotic skincare specialists is our skin care partner of choice. Not only are they Chemical free, Organic certified, cruelty free, fair trade and carbon neutral! Their aim, like ours, is to get results by improving the quality of the client’s skin with a large focus on anti-ageing.

Understanding that our skin, is an ecosystem, and needs to function as such for it to be more youthful radiant and clear is imperative and has led to the creation of this revolutionary product.

This eco system on your face, acts as and is your skins barrier. Harsh chemical products and scrubs inhibit these microbes from performing their primary function, which is, to protect your skin and delay ageing.

Just as you need probiotics internally to function optimally, so does your skin.

Enjoy a probiotic facial with our highly trained therapist, and let us guide you on which products would work best for your skin.

Biotec Italia Nine Aesthetics
Biotec Italia is a leading developer and manufacturer of lasers, electronic, mechanical and pneumatic based technologies for the medical and aesthetic industries. With over 20 years of experience, Biotec Italia base their success on constantly developing new technologies and innovative solutions to the medical and aesthetic fields ESTH Lab uses the latest medical grade technology for treatments including Cryolipo sculpt (Fat Freezing), Diode Laser technology for safe and pain free hair removal and Q switch tattoo removal, Fractional Radio Frequency (RF), Combined RF and cavitation treatments (Body sculpting) and Micro needling fractional radio frequency (Combination mesotherapy treatment) for face and body.

Nine is dedicated to offering you the best natural anti-ageing products, latest technology and solutions ensuring that whatever your health/anti-ageing need, we have all the bases covered.
Our treatments are safe, non surgical, rejuvenating and anti-ageing.
Delay and even improve the signs of ageing on your face and body now!