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LTI Massages use a combination of homeopathy and aromatherapy to target and assist in a range of physical and emotional conditions.

30 Min – R400 | 60 Min – R650 | 90 min – R850

Fluidless Lymph draining massage: This gentle detoxifying massage assists in the drainage of lymph in the body it is great for healing, anti-ageing of the skin, toxin removal, relaxation as well as alleviating water retention.

Sports Muscle Massage: This massage Assists with muscle recovery and recuperation. Heals muscle and ligament injury. Can be used pre or post sporting events.
Sports Energy Massage: Increases endurance in exercising muscle and improves muscle tone and poor circulation

Betta Day: Addresses general stress relief and helps to alleviate chronic depression and anxiety. It also combats premenstrual tension, menopausal depression and it enhances emotional recovery from substance abuse.

Cellulite Treatment: This Massage uses cupping and LTI oils to reduce cellulite on specific areas Individual treatment
(30 Minutes) R280
Package of 6 treatments: R1200
10x treatments: R 1500 (Pricing differst from other massages):*

Back formula: Relieves back ache muscular spasm and improves joint flexibility

Neck Formula: Eases muscular spasm in the neck and relieves stress related headaches

Vascuflow: Improves poor blood circulation, Improves appearance of varicose veins and reduces thinning of the skin, beneficial for diabetics and safe for pregnancy.

Lullabye: For kids/ babies who have trouble sleeping or experience scary dreams.

60 Mins – R650 | 90 Mins – R850

A strong deep massage used to break up scar tissue and muscle “knots” that can disrupt circulation and cause unwanted pain, limited motion and inflammation.

60 Mins – R500 | 90 Mins – R750

Treat yourself to this popular full body massage designed to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system.

signature massages

R550 – 40 Minutes | Add Polish – R100 | Gel R150

Relieve everyday stress and tension in your neck and shoulders with a 40 min neck, shoulder and head massage, followed by a hydrating naked or pedicure.

R950 | 120 Minutes

A full body massage followed by an anti-ageing probiotic facial